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Post  Ub3R on Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:51 pm

Welcome to *Roleplay
This server is SeriousRP and accordingly, you agree to follow these rules:


0: If you violate more than 3 *Roleplay rules you will be permanently blacklisted from joining this *Roleplay server. The only way you will get back in is if one of our admins see you roleplaying better in lite rp

1. Do not prop spam / prop push / prop block / prop shield / prop surf / prop kill.
2. Do not, under any circumstances, go under the map.
3. Do not beg other players for loans / money.
4. Do not break laws just to get attention from cops.
5. Do not kill other players with your car unless you have an RP reason to do so like if they threatened your life.
6. Do not talk in all caps ever. If you wish to yell, use /y.
7. Do not abuse the advertisement system. ( i.e. saying "/advert LOLOL FAIL" )
8. Do not metagame. Metagaming is where you use the knowledge you have gained from an outside source other than the RP itself. For example; Seeing pot leaves through walls and getting a warrant for whoever owns the house.
9. Do not respond to RP reports that are said in OOC, as that would be metagaming.
10. Do NOT kill another player for no reason but your own entertainment. ( RDM )
11. Do not break the New Life Rule ( NLR ). The NLR comes into affect when your RP character dies but you continue to use knowledge gained of the RP from before your death. THIS INCLUDES REPORTING YOUR OWN DEATH TO THE POLICE OR RETURNING TO THE SCENE OF YOUR DEATH TO RETRIEVE YOUR ITEMS.
12. Respect the admin's descision. If you disagree with their decisions, post an abuse report or a unban request on the *gaming forums. Flaming an admin in any chat outside of the forums will only get you blacklisted or banned.
13. Do not excessively run around not roleplaying at all. ( Running around on the main roads, jumping on cars, hitting random cars with bats, etc.
14. Do not punch other players excessively without a purpose. ( Punchwhoring )
15. Do not randomly demote someone as a Mayor, or demote someone so your friend can take the new job opening. Doing so will get you blacklisted.
16. Do not abuse your job.
17. Do not turn your lights / siren on as a government employee just to bypass traffic laws.
18. Only turn your lights / siren on when you receive an emergency call, pulling someone over, or another report of the like.
19. Do not repeatedly unlock doors just to spam them and to stop lock pickers. ( Lock whoring )
20. Do not spam the NPC for the police, fireman, or paramedic job. When the job opens up, you may go to the NPC. Otherwise, it is Career Camping.
21. Do not text spam or microphone spam.
22. Do not ask an admin to revive you or another player to finish you off if you are dead. It is a part of the gamemode to lie dead, while waiting for a medic. If there are no medics, its just too bad. The admins will revive you if they want, or if they think your death was unfair.
23. Do not purposely run into other cars just to disable them.
24. As a government employee, you must do your job correctly and well, or you will get demoted or blacklisted.
25. Do not go AFK as mayor just for the paycheck or you will receive a warning.
26. Do not attempt in any way to crash the server.
27. Do not grow shrooms in buildings - that is an exploit and you will be banned.
28. Do not abuse spikestrips, only use them when you got a good RP reason.
29. Do not buy doors that you don't intend to use.
30. Do not lock players into a place they cannot escape from. If it is a hostage situation it is fine, but do not simply lock a player in a room and leave.
31. Do not use any third-party scripts to modify the gamemode in any way.
32. You may target the mayor to assassinate him without being charged for RDM. But the actual task of the assassination MUST be roleplayed. ( Simply walking up and shooting him will NOT pass as roleplaying and you WILL get banned also shooting him withen 5 minutes of him being mayor is RDM. )
33. Do not rejoin to avoid jail time. There is an automated system in place, so any attempt will be caught.
34. Firemen must use the fire engine for transportation. This is to help force firemen to do their jobs.
35. Do not start fires in unreachable places. This consumes the fire department's time and hurts FPS.
36. Do not flame outside of the RP ( Flaming in OOC ).
37. No anti-AFK scripts of any kind are tolerated.
38. No Raging.
39. Do not drive on the left side of the road.
40. Do not run away while having a weapon pointed at you. (If an officer aims a pistol at your face after a chase, you don't jump in your car and just drive away again..)
41. Do not interfere with police chases as a civilian, let the police do their job and get out of the way/off the road when you hear sirens.
42. No ruining passive RP. (Do not disrupt other players when they try to RP and do not ruin another players attempt to passively RP with you.)
43. No hit contracts. (If you have an RP situation in which it calls for you to want/need to kill another player, you must take care of it yourself or with your org. Do not pay others to kill).
44. Do not kill cops without a good RP reason
45. Cops + NLR. (If a cop is killed, they may not break NLR. Doing so may result in a ban, blacklist, or both. If a cop is killed but receives a call for backup, they MAY return and respond to the call appropriately.)
46. Do not abuse /Advert. (You may advertise selling illegal items, but if you include your RP name and/or location then the cops may use that to question you. Do NOT use OOC parts like ''/pm''.)
47. Drive and park in an RP manner.
48. You can't drive full blast trough red lights in city. Sure, just one time isn't a big problem but there needs to be some respect for the rules. Just breaking some traffic laws is no problem at all (we got the police for that) but understand that you cant go to far.
49. Cruise control exists for a reason. Turn it on with Right Mouse Button and use the Mouse wheel to change speeds, RMB again to disable it. Just holding down your W key and blasting around town will surely be punished.
50. All constructions must not affect the general RP on the server in a negative way.
51. Abusing any job "for fun" or for personal gain will not be tolerated.

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